Workshop 2011

Presentations from the OASIS workshop held in Telluride, CO, June 2011
  • Recent Ice Decline and Atmospheric Impacts Julienne Stroeve, NSIDC  (pdf)
  • Ice Domain Biogeochemistry in CCSM Scott Elliott, LANL (pdf)
  • Update from the 3rd Workshop on Air-Ice Chemical Interactions (AICI) V. Faye McNeill, Columbia University (pdf)
  • On the feedbacks of biological, chemical, and physical processes in the atmosphere & ad Air/Ice/Water interfaces Parisa Ariya, McGill University (pdf)
  • Arctic Aerosols and their Impacts Lynn Russell, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (pdf)
  • Biogeochemistry in sea ice: Transport and rate-limiting processes at the frozen interface Brice Loose, WHOI (pdf)
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