Workshop 2002

Presentations from the first OASIS workshop, held at Purdue University, November 2002

  • Sources and significance of arctic airborne particles  (pdf)
  • Status and Research Needs on Polar Mercury Depletion Chemistry and Biogeochemical Cycling (pdf)
  • Experimental Manipulation of Snow Photochemistry at Summit (pdf)
  • Arctic boundary layer ozone depletions: what do we think we know what is to be resolved (pdf)
  • Microbial exopolymeric substances, a potential significant link between the Arctic ocean organic carbon budget and sea-ice process (pdf)
  • Interactions of Trace Atmospheric Gases with Ice Surfaces: Adsorption and Reaction (pdf)
  • Importance of snow physics and chemistry on polar atmospheric composition (pdf)
  • Air-snow exchange of reactive chemical species: physical processes (pdf)
  • Snow-air transport processes (pdf)
  • The Arctic ocean surface as a source of atmospheric halogen (pdf)
  • Chemical interactions between ice and the atmosphere – an Antarctic perspective (pdf)
  • UV radiation and photolysis rate coefficients in snow (pdf)
  • Snowpack Organic and Inorganic Photochemistry (pdf)
  • On thin ice: Physical properties and processes of springtime leads (pdf)
  • The Domain of AOE-01 (pdf)
  • Carbon Fluxes in Changing Arctic (pdf)
  • The Occurrence of Organohalogen Compounds in Snow over the Arctic Ocean (pdf)
  • limate variability in the Arctic and pathways (pdf)
  • Role of the marine biota in releasing photo-chemically active species such as organo-halogens and DMS: Those bugs! (pdf)
  • Photochemical Fate of Organic Compounds in Water Ice (pdf)
  • Atmospheric Transport to the Greenland Ice Sheet (pdf)
  • Danish (and US) measurement and modelling of atmospheric mercury in the Arctic (pdf)
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